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SEO Disaster Recovery

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When SEO Disaster strikes a website, it’s normally a case of staff or outsource optimizers engaging in Techniques which blatantly break Google’s Quality Guidelines, and which subsequently bring down the search engine’s wrath. When this happens, I get called in to clean the infractions, lift “Manual Actions”, and bring the website back into good standing.

And I have a 100% Record...

Website Promotion

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Contrary to popular SEO belief, effective Website Promotion has very little to do with exact keyword densities or meta tag formulas. Instead, it relies as much on a solid grasp of marketing and a thorough knowledge of your target audience, as it does on technical SEO knowledge. If you’re after lasting success, you need a Promoter, not an SEO.

That’s where I come in...

Penguin/Panda Mitigation

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Panda and Penguin are two words feared by many SEOs. This terror of Google's "Black and White Beasts", however, is largely the result of long-term malpractice and manipulative SEO Tactics. For an ethical website promoter, familiar with Google's Webmaster Guidelines, these two algorithms look more cuddly than fearsome.

I know how to handle them...

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Technical/Analytical Services

Tools IconMy range of services is about much more than promotion and SEO Disaster Recovery. I also help companies around the world with a variety of other tasks, ranging from project managing website migrations to teaching their development teams and in-house SEO staff about best practices and about Google's Wants and Needs.

Over the years I've helped a great many online businesses stay out of trouble.

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Google Business Essentials

Google Business Essentials LogoIn 2018 Google is spearheading a new initiative to help online business owners become better informed about the rapidly changing world of Internet Commerce and Search Engine Marketing.

October will see the first in a series of seminars designed to introduce online entrepreneurs such as yourself to Google's range of tools and services, designed to help you maximize your online enterprise's chances of success.

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