Technical and Analytical Services

Close-up of Circuit BoardAside from the obvious promotional aspects, the skills of an accomplished professional can help you in ways not immediately associated with the fields of SEO and Website promotion.

For instance, I’ve helped countless companies seamlessly migrate their websites to different Hosting Companies and to a variety of Content Management Systems, without snags or hitches. Similarly I’ve carried out a large number of Website Health Checks to make sure previous operators didn’t leave anything behind that could get my clients into trouble. Offsite, my Link Profile Audits will establish if a site is likely to be suffering from any kind of algorithmic markdown/penalty, or from the Penguin Algorithm.

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Website Health Check

System Settings IconThe Health Check gives a streamlined overview of your site's strengths and weaknesses.

Providing an at-a-glance insight into exactly what's been done by your former or current SEO, this is one of my most popular ancillary services.

Custom Website Audit

Magnifying Glass with Eye IconThis detailed report gets under the hood and diagnoses any and all problems with your company's entire web presence.

 Unlike other audits, which merely list your site's technical problems, I personally inspect 50+ aspects of your online businesses.

Hosting & CMS Migration

Globe surrounded by Cog IconIf you've outgrown your original Web Host or CMS, and you're progressing to bigger and better things, I can oversee the process of 'Moving House'.

A smooth transition makes life much easier for visitors and search crawlers.


Project Management

Chart IconAny website that's built with Google's Guidelines in mind, from the ground up, will have a greater chance of success.

I can guide your development team on the safest course during your website's construction and after launch.

Link Profile Audit

Screen with Code IconA toxic inbound link profile is still any website's greatest enemy.

My link audit will isolate any links which have a negative effect on your website's performance. It will also provide you with a clear list of actions to take.


Ace of Hearts IconIn many cases, educating your staff about ethical website promotion and Google's Guidelines, is the easiest way forward.

Over the years I've trained hundreds of developers and support staff in the high art of online success.


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