Who is Sasch and how can he help me?

I launched my first commercial Website back in 1999, selling used computer hardware in the United Kingdom. Since that time I’ve been successfully involved in the building and marketing of online businesses, in sectors as diverse as Real Estate, Jewelry, Finance, and even Specialty Seafoods.

My personal involvement with Google’s Frontline Support System began on August 31st 2006, when I first found the Google Webmaster Central Help Forum, looking for the answer to a technical problem. I almost immediately realized that Google’s Support Community was by far the greatest learning resource for Web Designers and Website Promoters around the world. Deciding to  become a part of this community I joined the forum as a regular contributor, both learning, and answering other users’ questions based on my own professional knowledge.

Sasch Drivin'

At the beginning of 2008 I was asked to sign up for Google’s ‘Fledgling’ Top Contributor Program.

Google Top Contributor Badges - LEft to Right: Rising Star, Top Contributor, Top Contributor Mentor

Left to Right: Rising Star, Top Contributor, Top Contributor/Mentor

This program membership meant learning about Google at an accelerated rate. It also added an extra layer of knowledge to my skillset, which the majority of operators in my market sector simply do not have access to.

Within a year I was starting to be approached by companies in need of help, and by the middle of 2009 I had switched my professional focus from full-time Website Promoter to full-time Google Troubleshooter. Since that time I have helped thousands of companies and individuals get their businesses out of a vast number of performance and ranking predicaments.

Over the years I’ve watched Google become increasingly capable of enforcing its Webmaster Quality Guidelines. Throughout this ongoing evolution I have supported my clients, educating them and enabling them to improve their websites’ overall quality, profitability, and ability to succeed in the long-term.

One of my colleagues once remarked “Sasch’s clients stay with him until he dies.

There’s a very good reason for that. Contact me and find out.


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Book a free Consultation

If you want to find out more about what makes me tick, visit my personal site over at SaschMayer.com.

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