SEO Disaster Recovery – Lifting Google’s Manual Actions

Warehouse on FireThe worst fate to befall any commercial website is being hit with one of Google’s euphemistically named Manual Actions [read: manual penalties].

Once a site’s exposure in Google’s Search Rankings is manually throttled in this way, the consequence is invariably a massive loss in traffic and revenue.

And with tens and often hundreds of thousands of Dollars in lost monthly earnings at stake, getting the Manual Action lifted and the site back to normal performance as quickly as possible is crucial. That’s where I come in.

After more than a decade as part of Google’s Front-Line Support Infrastructure I’ve developed an intuitive knowledge for Webmaster Guideline infractions, as well as an extremely detailed set of actions to get manual actions lifted fast.

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Since Google's Panda Algorithm first rolled out in February 2011, Webmaster Guideline-based markdown and manual actions have been a fact for websites on the commercial Internet.

In the intervening five years I've had an extraordinary amount of practice at dealing with penalized sites and getting them back on the road to success.

With a 100% record, I'm also the only specialist in my field who guarantees manual action recovery.

It's really quite simple... If I don't get your manual action lifted after the second reconsideration request, I will work for free until your website is back in the clear. Some terms and conditions do of course apply. You can find them here.

I know only too well what it means to have your online business penalized. I also know the difference a speedy recovery can make to a company.

Quote by Red Adair: "If you think it's expensive to hire a Professional, just wait until you hire an Amateur."

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If your website has suffered an SEO Disaster, every minute is costing you money...

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