Strategic Website Promotion – What you do when SEO won’t work…

Chess Pieces - Black King standing over Fallen White KingIt was called “Website Promotion” in 1999, and it's still "Website Promotion" now.

SEO might be a catchy buzzword still making the rounds in the business community, but anyone who tells you that Search Engine Optimization alone can still achieve lasting commercial success in 2018 is an outright charlatan or still living in the last millennium.

Either way, they're wrong.

"Anyone who blindly trusts their company's future to the vagaries of a search engine algorithm is a damn fool."

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You can quote me on that. And so we return to Website Promotion. Sure, it doesn't sound as glamorous or technologically mysterious as S.E.O. However, it's a lot more effective, simply because it relies on solid principles of sales and marketing as much as it does on working to gain exposure in Google's results.

The act of strategically promoting a business online does of course employ the principles of Technical Website Optimization as an important part of the entire process.

However, strategic website promotion is as much about identifying a business' target audience, and then giving that audience what it wants, as it is is about anything else. And while many SEOs talk about increased visitor numbers, any web promoter worth his or her salt will be focused on increasing revenue.

"What use are a thousand extra visitors per day if none of them buy anything?"
-also me

"How ever beautiful the strategy, one should occasionally check the results" quote by Sir Winston Churchill

SEO won't win the Online War alone

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